The continued success of BP's Forties Field, is crucially dependant upon fundamental changes in working practices and the development of world class operating and maintenance techniques. For the past two years, the Forties Team have taken the concept of an empowered work force from its infancy through to adolescence. At the same time, one of the five platform teams has tackled the issue of developing excellent standards of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) in the offshore environment. TPM is an application of operator autonomous maintenance, developed in the West and perfected by the Japanese. We believe that this is the first ever application of TPM offshore and the first "whole team" approach to empowerment. The visionary aim is to be the role model in the operation of a declining oil field.

This paper describes the way in which empowered teams have been put in place in Forties. Examples of how organisational and cultural challenges have been successfully addressed, are illustrated. The application of TPM offshore is described, from initiation, introduction, development and onwards to the goal of self sustaining improvement from within the teams. Through the efforts of the empowered teams and implementation of world class systems, the aim of extending the Field life of Forties from 2003 to 2010 and beyond, is now seen to be a reality.

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