The Gannet cluster is an integrated oil and gas development encompassing the Gannet A, B, C and D fields which came on-stream in October 1992. This marginal field development marks an evolutionary phase for Shell U.K Exploration and Production as future fixed installation green field developments are expected to consist of small sized hydrocarbon accumulations which will be uneconomic to develop on their own The features which serve to make this otherwise marginal development economic pose considerable reservoir management challenges over the life of the project because of the differing reservoir conditions, expensive data acquisition in sub-sea wells, the integrated nature of the facilities and the need to meet stringent sales gas contractual requirements whilst maximising oil production This paper describes the pre-drilling optimisation studies that were carried out, the success of which is partly attributable to the introduction of integrated field teams within Shell Expro's Central Fields Unit, and the preparation of a reservoir management plan which is now an integral part of the planning process for the Gannet Cluster.

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