Significant advances have been made in the last three years in the non-marking handling of Chrome Resistant Alloy (C.R.A.) tubulars both with power tongs and handling tools.

Marking of casing and tubing by the dies of power tongs and the inserts in the slips of spiders and elevators has long been known to be potentially damaging, particularly in wells with corrosive environments.

This paper outlines the developments made in the industry during the last three years and the creation of special tools and power tongs to overcome these problems. Particular emphasis will be made on the complete cycle from pipe mill to running in the hole.

This will cover the make up of couplings to the pipe body in the mill, the transportation of tubulars to the rig site and the handling from pipe rack to rig floor.

Also to be covered will be the make up and testing of downhole completion assemblies prior to the job.

Actual make up of connections with "non marking" power tongs and running with special slips are the major new developments described.

It will be shown how all factors such as joint weight compensation, guidance yoke system, stabbing, etc. can all contribute to the successful running of C.R.A. tubulars.

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