The VARI FLO™ Motor was developed to provide the industry with a downhole motor to meet the ever increasing demands of today's drilling requirements

It is recognised that there is a requirement for a source of downhole motor power, which suffers less from the effects of heat and modem corrosive drilling fluids, whilst simultaneously offering a shorter motor for directional drilling applications.

Our Motor is a Vane type, positive displacement motor, built without the use of rubber in the working parts.

The construction of vane or in our case roller type motors are as the Moyneau motor, simple devices. However due to the somewhat ‘interfering’ fit between rotor and stator, Moyneau motors are somewhat difficult to take apart in particular when one also takes the greater length and weight into account.

The motor assembly is the only part which is conceptually different from present motor designs and you will find a diagram attached to this paper. (Figure 1)

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