A land rig used for training purposes was upgraded into what may best be described as a full-scale drilling simulator. On-line computer simulation in combination with a fully operational drilling rig open up for staging of various realistic operational situations, to provide practical, hands-on training of drilling personnel in the controlled, safe environment of the live well school.

The rig/software combination has e.g. provided the live well school with a feature which was previously missing: the possibility to drill. By defining a simulated "false" bottom depth, the driller is presented with software-generated indications of weight on bit and penetration rate which realistically respond to the driller's actions on the rig controls.

The final goal should be to use the combination of live well and computer facilities to create a full-scale well control and drilling simulator, for training in well control, stuck pipe avoidance, and handling of similar drilling related problems. This may be done to the point where a student will be presented with conditions similar to those prevailing on one existing drilling location, and through hands-on manipulation of the training rig, acquires drilling experience applicable to that particular area.

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