This paper describes how Conoco planned and implemented downhole injection of oil contaminated drill cuttings on the Murdoch development project in sector44/22 of the Southern North Sea. Five wells were predrilled through a template from December 1991 to March 1993.The firstwell, 44/22 D-1, was drilled as a producer and was also designed and used as the injection well for all subsequent wells. Injection was conducted via the 13-⅜" × 9-⅝" annulus. The casings were designed to accomodate the injection loads. The injection interval was the Triassic Bunter, a sand/shale sequence between 6200'-7000'TVD, bounded by 200' of salt above and 1500' of shale below. Topside equipment consisted of a prototype Cuttings Processing Package (CPP), a screw conveyor, a slurry storage tank and a small triplex pump.

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