During the Spring/Summer of 1990, Arco British Limited., on behalf of the Welland Partnership, carried out the installation of three subsea completions from a jack-up in the Welland Field which is located in the UK sector of the Southern North Sea. The subsea completion was of the concentric type and utilised a first of its kind metal to metal sealing annulus valve in the tubing hanger for annulus access/isolation. The completions were landed in wellheads that had been installed during the previous summer as part of the conversion process from three manufacturer's mudline suspension systems (MLS) to a single type subsea wellhead incorporating a common profile. This paper will present a summary of the pre-planning and experience gained during the installation activities of both the wellhead conversion equipment and the completion equipment.

Insight into the problems that arose will be covered as well as highlights of the successes achieved. Recommendations for future completions of this type will be presented.

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