Coiled tubing cement squeezing has proved to be a successful water shut-off method in the Forties Field. Six cement squeezes have been carried out to date on three different platforms in the field. The jobs have been carried out either as a stand-alone well service remedial operation or as a prelude to a full rig workover. Production increases have averaged 4.5 mbopd (720 m3/d) per well with the most successful operation resulting in a post-squeeze rate of 17 mbopd (2700 m3/d) at 10% water cut compared to a pre-squeeze rate of 6.9 mbopd (1100 m3/d) at 55% water.

This paper describes the well histories, the production profiles and the decision process in selecting coiled tubing cement squeezing over more traditional methods of isolation. It discusses the preparatory work required for proper slurry formulation, the equipment lay-out and step by step procedures used in performing the job. The paper reviews the difficulty in sizing the slurry volume given the friable nature of the reservoir sandstone. It also highlights the differences and difficulties in performing the operation offshore compared to a similar land based operation.

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