With the need for increased capacity at existing facilities and the design of larger new systems, flow-induced dynamics problems associated with turbomachinery and piping systems have become more common. These phenomena can result in significant noise and vibration related problems, and potentially lead to fatigue failures. In this paper, a brief review of the characteristics of flow-induced vibration and acoustic phenomenon, as applied to turbomachinery, is presented. A select number of case histories involving on and offshore installations in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States will be presented and involve:

  • Vortex-excited acoustic resonances of pipeline or gas processing compressor inlet conditioning section.

  • Flow-induced acoustic excitation of safety relief valve piping stubs resulting in excessive vibration and premature venting with loss in production.

  • Acoustic excitation of compressor recycle piping caused by vortex shedding past piping discontinuities.

The importance of meaningful data collection and correlation with existing theory, and the modifications necessary for solution, will be discussed in order to enable design and operating personnel to gain insight as to the impact of flow-induced dynamics problems on safety, reliability, and maximum production.

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