The North Brae field is the first offshore gas condensate field in the North Sea to be developed by gas cycling for pressure maintenance and improved recovery. Withinthe reservoir the fluid composition changes with depth from a lean gas near the top to an oil rim at the base of the hydrocarbon bearing reservoir in low permeability conglomerate.

This paper details the design and production performance of a horizontal well completion within the oil rim of the North Brae reservoir. The well was completed at a true vertical depth sub-sea of 12405 feet with a perforated horizontal section of 1400 feet in August 1990 and produces condensate at a rate of about 10,000 BOPD.

A multidisciplinary approach to well planning is presented along with results of performance prediction by numerical simulation.The paper gives an insight to the practical aspects of planning such novel completions in the North Sea operating environment.

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