This paper describes a new type of electrohydraulic multiplexed subsea satellite well control system currently being developed for Petrobras for use in Brazil at depths to 1000m. The system is highly innovative in its approach to limiting power requirements, simplifying encapsulation of the subsea unit, and in its adaptability to a number of proprietary wellhead systems. The system described in this paper is a result of design efforts during 1988 by BrasNor AS, initally sponsored by two major oil companies which will lead to a fullscale development program funded by Petrobras. The prototype unit is scheduled for installation offshore Brazil the first half of 1990.

The paper describes the need for and current status of such systems with particular reference to the North Sea and Brazilian subsea developments.

The system takes advantage of a new generation of electronic components which will lead the way towards reducing system complexity, size, and cost while advancing the state-of-the-art with regards to remotely operated subsea technology.

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