The basic requirements of marine vessels as stable working platforms in the North Sea has existed since commencement of exploratory drilling. This requirement has now expanded to include year round construction and maintenance for associated oil and gas producing platforms, and lately for emergency disaster and blowout control. During the development of the Occidental Petroleum Consortium's Piper and Claymoe fields, Petroleum Consortium's Piper and Claymoe fields, based on 56 vessel-months of construction support anchored adjacent to platforms, an on-going need was realized for a comprehensive marine vessel, outfitted to support these developments. The additional requirement of fire-fighting and disaster control resulted in the emergence of a uniquely designed semi-submersible multifunction support vessel (MSV). Occidental has now placed a keel-up order in a Japanese shipyard for 1979 delivery of this special unit. The specifications for the unit have been developed in conjunction with Redco Inc., and Earl and Wright, a subsidiary of Sedco Inc.

The requirements for such a multifunction support vessel are unique to the individual operations to be carried out, and specifications include those necessary for dynamic positioning, fire-fighting cranage and a comprehensive saturation diving system. Development of these specifications resulted in a dynamically positioned column stabilized semi-submersible vessel equipped with the following unique features:

  1. Extensive on board maintenance facilities for support of platform production and maintenance operations:

  2. A dynamic positioning system suitable to D.P.on all sides of a burning platform in Beaufortstate 10 while effectively fire-fighting.

  3. Fire-fighting equipment to provide for fire control platform abandonment, and remote manipulation and removal of debris associated with such disasters.

  4. A sixteen man saturation diving system, featuring a tethered and manned Mobil Diving Unit.

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