Objective / Scope

In 2016 BP adopted a technology plan to investigate how efficiencies could be realized in the inspection area. The project termed UWIP (Under Water Inspection Program) was divided into two areas: Alternative inspection technology, Advanced inspection technology.

Alternative Inspection technology addresses the configuration of existing technology to deliver efficiencies

Advanced Inspection technology looks to near future opportunities that may be realized within a 5-year period.

Methods, Procedure, Process

This presentation primarily addresses the Alternative agenda, with focus on how the configuring of sensor packages onboard a variety of underwater vehicles has delivered data up to 8 times faster than traditional inspection methodologies. Termed FDII (Fast Digital Imaging Inspection) the concept aims to replace video with Laser / Stills and contact Cathodic Potential systems with Field Gradient.

The Advanced agenda presents BP progress in delivering unmanned, automated Unmanned Surface and Underwater Vehicle Systems into Inspection programs.

Results, Observations, Conclusions

BP has undertaken three FDII campaigns, 2017/18 in North Sea and 2018 Trinidad, inspecting 825 pipeline kilometers. There are another two FDII programs scheduled in North Sea and Caspian regions in 2019. Data acquisition has significantly increased; however, data management techniques have had to be reviewed and adapted. Inspection and integrity contractors expect to receive data in traditional formats and their systems (as well as operators) are not configured to receive and interpret the new FDII data. Additionally, software houses are also behind the curve in allowing users to host and deliver to stakeholders.

FDII facilitates rapid data acquisition and operational teams are ready to grab credit for efficient execution. But data bottlenecks in editing, eventing and delivering data to stakeholders have removed some of the ‘shine’ from the project. For FDII to develop a step change is required in the data management.

Novel, Additive Information

FDII is a technique, it is not an inspection criterion. FDII lends itself to Fast ROV and AUV underwater vehicle developments which are also linked to operation from Unmanned Surface Vessels. BP has a stated goal that by 2025 all inspections will performed from unmanned systems. FDII is a technology that progresses us to that goal.

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