A fibre enabled slickline system is presented which is capable of performing Distributed Acoustic and Temperature surveys. A case study will be included to demonstrate the performance and value of the service. The fibre enabled slickline system utilizes conventional winch and pressure control equipment to allow deployment into the well, thus leveraging existing field infrastructure and personnel. The provision of an easily transportable drum of fibre enabled slickline along with surface optical interrogation units makes this form simple and cost effective to run. Deploying fibre enabled slickline in the well allows for the real time monitoring of acoustic and temperature changes within the well over its entire length thus providing a start depth, end depth, velocity, direction, frequency and periodicity of downhole events. This in conjunction with controlled manipulation of tubing and annular pressures has proven to be useful in well integrity diagnostics. A case example is presented in this paper using fibre enabled slickline on a North Sea facility to help identify fluid flow behind casing. This data set was gathered while altering the annulus conditions real time and integrating the data with memory temperature and pressure to enhance the interpretation. The novelty of the service is to facilitate the acquisition of distributed survey data combined with the low cost and efficiencies of slickline deployment. Fibre enabled slickline can be used for many applications within the industry making the technique applicable to a wide population of wells.

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