Oil was first discovered in the North Sea in the 1970's and some of platforms that were erected during that era are still producing albeit the production has dwindled significantly. With the technical costs on the rise oil & gas operators are constantly on the lookout for cheap and simple solutions. These help not only to increase the hydrocarbon production from a well but also helps in improving the overall field recovery factor. However, sometimes expensive well interventions are necessary in order to better understand the problems faced and then use the data acquired to study and then implement a more long-term/ permanent solution.

The purpose of this paper is to present details on what kind of solutions that have been implemented within the Alwyn field (producing since 1987) in the Northern North Sea. These production enhancement measures relate to a number of different disciplines ranging from topsides modifications to well interventions to sub-surface. As these disciplines originate from different departments within the Company a well performance team was created with the objective of coordinating all production optimisation studies and their implementation on the field.

During the course of this paper more details about the structure of the team would also be provided along with further justification outlining how the team has helped in increasing the production from a number of wells. A large variance in production gain has been observed from these operations dependent on the nature of the intervention this ranged from 50 boe/d to nearly 2,500 boe/d.

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