Technology from the offshore wind industry and renewable power generation has been used to revolutionise the design of offshore gas production platforms making them cheaper, safer and more environmentally friendly. This has enabled a portfolio of marginal Southern North Sea gas fields to be developed, thus helping to secure domestic gas supply in the UK and The Netherlands.

HSE Mission Statement

"On the Monotower production platform projects our Work is never so urgent or important that we cannot ‘Take the Time’ or ‘Make the Effort’ to do it Safely"

This Monotower platform design won the UK Energy Institute's Technology award in 2005

The Energy Institute Awards recognize excellence and innovation in the world of energy. They offer companies of all sizes the opportunity to showcase their groundbreaking accomplishments in the international arena.

Development drivers

Significant cost reductions were required to achieve economic development of ever-smaller gas accumulations in the Southern North Sea

The Design Philosophy was to start with a clean sheet of paper and apply the "zero based engineering" principle.

  • Minimum facilities (production, measurement and export to nearby facilities)

  • Unmanned

  • emote controlled from onshore

  • No helideck

  • No living quarters

  • Marine access system

  • One leg, one pile (no jacket)

  • Power Generation by solar and wind

  • Zero Emissions

  • Maintenance every 2 years

  • No Full Deluge System

  • No Gas Detection

  • Several installation possibilities (with an installation vessel or jack up)

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