The Valhall field has been producing oil for 25 years. The completion strategy of the field has continuously been developed over the years, with cased hole completions with multiple propped fractures as main completion strategy since the mid 1990s. This completion technique was also chosen for the Valhall Flank Project initiated in 2001. The later stages of the project several of the well targets were located on the borders of the field, where the reservoir formation is considerably thinner and has a lower porosity and higher reservoir pressure than in the centre of the field. Using multiple propped fracture completion technique for these targets was not regarded attractive, and to access the reserves in these targets in a cost effective manner it was decided that the optimal design for the "thin pay" targets was a concept with pre-perforated liner in open hole.

This paper describes the completion design evolution on Valhall and the considerations made for choice of completion method for the later stages of the Valhall Flank Project. An overview of the swell packer technology, in addition to the specific packer design for Valhall, is given and it is discussed how this technology provided opportunities to isolate several parts of the well if excessive water production occurred. Future applications for swell packer technology are also discussed.

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