A working window of opportunity only presents itself from April to mid-September in the turbulent Atlantic waters off the northwest coast of Ireland. When this window opened in Spring 2006, Shell E & P Ireland Ltd began operations to evaluate newly acquired assets in the Corrib fielddry-gas subsea development. Prior to acquisition, five wells had been placed in suspension, pending construction of the necessary subsea and onshore infrastructure. Shell had previously determined that only three wells were viable candidates for completion during the current season and commenced operations when the S711 semi-submersible arrived on location in April. The clock started ticking on favorable weather and time quickly became a crucial constraint issue. The project hit a critical mark when a leak was discovered in the 9-5/8 in. production casing on one of the early wells entered.

With time running out, Shell approached Enventure to engineer a practical solution that was required within a period of six weeks. Possible solutions for recovery were identified and analyzed before the project management team decided on using solid expandable technology. The solution for this well needed to deliver a production casing string that effectively sealed off the hole. To accomplish this requirement with expandable tubulars, Shell decided to use the Enventure system elastomers for the gas-tight integrity, which required qualification. In approximately six weeks, Enventure and Shell planned and implemented the appropriate tests, coordinated logistical maneuvers to expedite expansions to create the test specimen for qualification and successfully installed the actual system in the production well.

This paper will discuss the process used to bring the project to fruition within a tight timeframe. Details will include issues considered, ramifications of possible options, challenges of the operating conditions and circumstances and content and results of the qualification program. This paper will also discuss the philosophical approach of generating a workflow to successfully achieve the stated goals in a short amount of time.

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