More than 70% of the oil produced today comes from brownfield environments such as the North Sea. Increasingly complex geological targets demand a more sophisticated and reliable drilling system. The combination of a slimhole rotary steerable system (RSS) and a leading-edge geosteering solution can help operators optimize their well placement. In addition, a Web-based, real-time monitoring and data delivery system can produce the most accurate information possible for decision makers onshore. In this way, an integrated team can use modern logging-while-drilling (LWD) tools to make real- time well path corrections in a challenging environment.

This paper presents a case study in which real-time decisions placed a well successfully and also increased production levels greater than the estimates. The drilling system components responsible for the success were an advanced slimhole RSS,a leading-edge real-time formation evaluation tool, and a Web-based real-time monitoring and data delivery system.

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