The provenance of the single-diameter well consists of over 350 commercial installations of solid expandable tubular systems and a concise, yet encompassing development plan. The maturation of expandable technology has led to successful design, construction and testing of individual components and the subsequent subsystem that will ultimately help realize the single-diameter well.

This evolutionary step brings the energy industry that much closer to a fundamental change in wellbore construction. The single-diameter well represents a paradigm shift in the way wells are drilled and results in significant benefits that include conserving resources, saving time, and creating a smaller environmental footprint. All of these features result in considerable savings that reflect the practicality of this value-added technology.

This paper will explain the overall scope, approach and implementation essential to realizing the single-diameter well. In addition, this paper will explain how the technical development of necessary tools for the single-diameter well brings significant savings to drilling operations. Using business cases, this paper will detail where the value of application is realized. In conclusion, this paper will outline future possibilities for the technology and how it will impact the industry.

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