Schlumberger has worked collaboratively with Shell U.K. Limited (Shell), BP and Statoil to develop a 3 ¼-in. ultra slim through tubing rotary steerable system (RSS) with the objective of extending the production profile of offshore maturing fields. Through tubing rotary drilling (TTRD) is a very attractive option for enhanced reservoir development at low cost. Current methods use motor bottomhole assemblies (BHAs) in TTRD applications, but these have limitations. The introduction of the RSS will extend the reach of TTRD to pursue more distant targets, enhance production through precise directional control, improve drilling performance, reduce drilling cost, and improve ultra slimhole hydraulics. The tool has entered its field test stage and has two successful downhole runs to date.

This paper provides a brief overview of TTRD as a method of sustainable development of mature oilfields (brownfields). A detailed overview of the tool development is given, including the main milestones and a system description. The joint RSS development project is presented as a best practice in industry collaboration and a good example of a collective visionary approach to future brownfield development.

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