A main challenge faced by the Oil Industry is to develop marginal discoveries and to maintain production from existing, depleting fields against a background of unstable oil price and increasing costs. Operators seek new, cost effective ways to increase their discovery's commercial viability and to meet the growing world energy demand. Multiphase field development is one such tool to reduce costs. Here liquid and gas are transported together over long distances in a multiphase pipeline. Multiphase technology is becoming accepted by the industry - gaining popularity as field experience increases and the accuracy of performance prediction tools proven.

Field experience has shown that the higher-pressure drops and the formation of large, liquid slugs are two of the drawbacks associated with multiphase rather than the traditional, single phase pipelines operations. Both of these negative, multiphase flow effects can be mitigated by use of a new class of production chemical that is effective in both reducing the flowing pressure drop and influencing slug formation. This new class of chemicals is effective in two phase flow – unlike the well established "Friction Reducers" which are widely used in (single phase) water and oil flow.

The value creation from the application of this chemical has been quantified for a range of model reservoirs located onshore, offshore and in deepwater. A multi-well field & export simulation showed that up to 10% acceleration for oil and gas condensate production could be achieved by the use of the new chemical to the multiphase flow. Additional recoveries varied between 0 to 10%. Other condensates recovery scenarios gave up to 25 % increase in production rates for depleted reservoir. Even better results were obtained in condensate fields with inadequate pressure/aquifer support.

Economic analysis showed that production acceleration without recovery increase improved the economic value (pre-Tax NPV) of multiphase projects by 5%-15%. The additional value created by a concurrent additional recovery gave a pre- tax NPV increase of 13-25%

Multiphase technology with Floostar injection is an important enabler in the development of marginal fields and deepwater prospects, improving company's reserve portfolio.

A full economic analysis of these Field Development scenarios will also be reported

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