Asphaltene deposition causes serious problems in production operations, from the reservoir, through production tubing, and in surface facilities. This work presents a systematic approach, preventive and corrective, taken at Intevep S.A to handle asphaltenes deposition problems at the different stages of crude oil production A predictive tool has been developed at Intevep. It is a software based on thermodynamically considerations, SPLASH (Solid Phase fLASH). It requires as input data, PVT and dead oil characterization and delivers the phase diagram of the crude oil. Phase diagrams obtained are shown. If as a resuit of the simulation, asphaltenes deposition is expected, preventive actions are recommended. We have successfully used continuous down whole injection of dispersants. As in the case of surface facilities, dispersants are specifically selected for each crude. Additional production in 1995 was estimated in 900000 barrels. A reservoir simulator has been developed as well. This is an in-house modification of a compositional commercially available simulator. It allows to simulate the behavior of the reservoir under asphaltene precipitation conditions. A simulation example for a reservoir in eastern Venezuela is presented.

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