EMS, a complex type of pour point-viscosity depressant for crudes, is composed of EVA, MVA and Surfactant. After adding EMS into the crudes, a very nice result in reducing pour point and viscosity for Daqing, Jianghan and Jidong crudes was got. From the research result of infrared spectrum of interaction between EMS or its components and wax or mixture of resin and asphaltene isolated from three crudes above-mentioned, it has been shown that the area ratio of the double absorption peaks of 719 cm−1 and 729 cm−1 or 1388 cm−1 and 1378 cm−1 changed remarkably after EMS or its components were added into wax. It can be infered that the cocrystallization probably happened between the EMS or its components and the wax. The position of 4000-3000 cm−1 infrared absorption peak of the mixture of resin and asphaltene moved to the lower wavenumber, and the ratio of the area of 1373 cm−1 absorption peak (methyl) to the combination area of 748,810 and 871 cm−1 absorption peak (aromatics) increased remarkably. It can be infered that the pour point-viscosity depressant molecules destroyed the original hydrogen bonds and overlapping of the aromatic ring planes among resin and asphaltene molecules to form new cubic molecular structure and new hydrogen bonds. With the results the viscosity of crude oil will be reduced.

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