The partitioning of the H2S scavengers/biocides, glutaraldehyde and acrolein, between the oil and the aqueous phases has been determined. The effect of the presence of salt on the partition coefficients has also been studied for salt concentrations from 0 wt% to 10 wt%. Acrolein was found to partition 47% to 66%, and glutaraldehyde

2% to 0.3%, to the organic phase, in a heptane/brine system. The effect of aldehyde concentration has been evaluated, from 2-10 wt% for acrolein and 5-50 wt% for glutaraldehyde. Theoretical analysis has been achieved, correlating the acquired experimental data and available literature data using the Elliott, Suresh, Donahue, equation of state1 (ESD-EOS).

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