Asphaltenes and paraffins deposit in the wellbore zone, tubing, downhole pumping equipment, pipelines, and in surface equipment, and, also, cause a high viscous stable water-in-oil emulsion inside the tubing and surface equipment, dramatically decreasing well productivity. Modern asphaltene and paraffin control technologies and demulsification methods usually do not correspond and even may contradict each other, resulting a high cost and ineffectiveness of oil production. The advanced way to utilize the technological methods in the most efficient manner is creating a common technology to put on line several asphaltene and paraffin problems.

The current paper discusses an optimal stimulation method recovering the mentioned above problems by using just one treatment. The method consists of a periodical application of detergent designed to remove the deposit and simultaneously to destroy the water-in-oil emulsion. In addition, the detergent adsorbing on the equipment surface prevents further asphaltene and paraffin deposition.

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