This paper describes the development and performance of a gas chromatographic method for determining the extended composition of live reservoir fluids including the permanent gases (N2, CO2,02, H2S) and the C1 through C15 hydrocarbons. The iso- and normal paraffins up through pentane are reported separately. Above pentane, the iso and normal paraffins are reported together. The heavy components of the oil are reported as a C16+ fraction. Information on the equipment used, the method development, calibration procedures, and calculations are provided. High pressure sampling valves are used for reproducible injection of pressurized samples up to 7000 psig [48366 kPa]. The technique determines the composition of the live oil in mole % and requires only a small oil sample. The procedure provides extended compositional data which can be input into reservoir and process design simulators. The method can also be used on stock tank oils, natural gases, liquefied petroleum gases, and other hydrocarbon fluids. Results from several oils are presented and compared with results from conventional gas chromatographic analyses and Podbielniak distillations.

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