Xanthan gum has been used extensively as a viscosifier in the oil industry for different applications due to its unique rheological properties. In this paper we describe the properties of two previously introduced bio-polymers for use in drilling, drill-in, completions, spacer fluids and coiled tubing applications. The first bio-polymer yields higher viscosities and better temperature stability at lower polymer concentrations than welan and xanthan gum due to its higher molecular weight; this polymer is particularly effective in low salt fluids. The second bio-polymer has improved solubility in high density CaCl2 brines.

Viscosity data over a wide shear rate range in different brine systems is presented comparing the new bio-polymers with xanthan and welan gum at temperatures between 75°F to 330°F. The effect of different types of solids and friction pressure tests in coiled tubing are presented, showing diutan's friction reduction properties.

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