Histrorically, Upper Safa is considered to be the source rock of the gas and condensate accumulated in Lower Safa stratum in Obaiyed Field. Both of Upper and Lower Safa units are parts of Khatatba formation “Jurassic age, Western Desert coulumn, Egypt”. The integration of all petrophysical and geochemical data indicated that, there is a rich organic Carbon embedded in the formation with a high britteleness ratio. As a result of the opportunity identification, there is an operational scope being studied now to proceed with a haydrulic fracturing stimulation targeting the sweet intervals “Intervals of high TOC and high Britteleness ratio” aiming to maximize the whole gas and condensate production of the field. This paper is summarizing the opportunity identification process and results using available petrophysical and geochemical data.

Six wells had been used in this study where there is a complete set of well and continuous petrophysical data exist in all of them supported by geochemical analysis reports. Specific interpretation techniques were utilized to identify the opportunity from the logs. The property of Total Organic Carbon was estimated from logs using standered DeltaLogR Passey Technique and then verified using measured data. The rock briteleness property was estimated from avilable acoustic sonic logs “Compressional and Shear slowness”. The type of Kerogen and level of Maturity were recognized from geochemical sources. The data integration provided a well identification of the shale gas opportunity.

As a part of complete assessment study of unconventional resources, a dedicated subsurface team was formed in order to evaluate the connectivity of Upper Safa, estimate the in place volumes and define the development options. The team also proposed on short term scale performing a vertical hydraulic fracturing in one of the sweet wells in order to prove the evaluation concept and increase total field production.

The success of this project is measured by three aspects: first, proving the presence of commercial shale gas plays in Upper Safa unit, second, maximizing the gas and condensate production from the field and finally, on the long term scale, unlocking commercial unconventional gas resource for future generations in Western Desert, Egypt.

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