Field development planning is one of the core business processes in the upstream oil and gas industry. Before a discovered field can be developed and its hydrocarbon produced, proper evaluation and planning of the subsurface reservoirs and surface facilities are necessary to ensure that the field development plan is not only economical to undertake, but also flexible enough to cater for any deviation from the original plan during implementation as a result of inherent uncertainties in the reservoirs over the production life span of the field.

This paper describes the approach taken to prepare a Field Development Plan (FDP) for one of the old mature fields in the western desert of Egypt which operated by PetroSilah Petroleum Company in the concessions area in El-Fayoum, 90 Km south of Cairo. PetroSilah Petroleum Company operates more than 15 mature fields with very limited sand structure and depletion drive reservoirs mechanism, two common denominators among these fields is the high pour point of the produced oil and the lake of surface facilities for crude assembling and shipping since crude oil is transported by trucks.

The driver for this FDP was the requirement to maximize and improve existing field's production, starting 3rd quarter of 2012 FFDP initiated when total daily production rate of PetroSilah was 3500 BOPD such as work-over/re-completions campaign, new infill development and exploratory/appraisal wells have been drilled in addition to hydraulic fracture campaign and water injection project which started in some fields and preparation for other existing have been applied, results showed an increase of total average daily production up to 7000 BOPD.

The key areas emphasized in the preparation of the field development plan include the business driver, resource assessment, depletion strategy, development concept and selection, managing uncertainties, appraisal requirements, reservoir management, and anticipating production problems.

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