When cementing liners, the cement must develop compressive strength at the top of the liner before drilling is resumed. Sometimes at high temperature wells, it can take us up to 2 days just waiting for compressive strength development at top of liner conditions. This problem is common when cementing long liners in high temperature wells.

An earlier study done by Yami et al. (2007) showed the development of two new retarded systems. The first system is used for non-latex cements for wells that do not show indications of fluid flow. The second cement system includes latex and is recommended for liners with potential for fluid flow. The new retarder systems were effectively applied in a well in Red Sea. This paper discusses the non-latex system field application and summarizes lessons learned.

The field application was done by using sodium salt and alicyclic acid with aminated aromatic polymer in combination with sodium salt of organic acid and inorganic salt and aromatic polymer derivatives to cover differential temperature of more than 100 °F.

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