The objective of the proposed system is to save runs, thus saving valuable rig time, when attempting to locate casing leaks, squeeze off a casing leak, or performing an acid job.

Contrary to the use of conventional methods of permanent drillable bridge plugs, and a Cement Retainer/Service Packer to squeeze cement inside a casing leak, or an undesired perforation; Using the proposed system can save up multiple runs, and valuable rig time. The system also protects the bottom formation/perforation from falling debris, and junk from drilling the drillable bridge plug after the cementing operation.

By using a conjunction of Left, and Right hand set, Retrievable Bridge Plug, and a Service Packer; we can mount them both on the same string and work on locating the exact depth of the top and the bottom of the leak. Or if the depth of an undesired perforation is already known, using the proposed system will allow for setting the Bridge Plug, somewhere below the bottom of the undesired leak/perfs, and the Retrievable Service Packer above it, and then squeeze cement, acidize, or frac the zone, and then retrieve the Plug, and the Packer in one run, in acidizing, or stimulating jobs, and a significant decreased number of runs in cementing applications.

Comparing using the proposed system with the conventional system, of running a conventional bridge plug, and a packer to locate casing leaks, or straddle existing perforations in a minimum of two runs, at least to identify and straddle the perforation or casing leak, can be replaced by using the proposed system to save up to 50 % of rig time in acidizing, and stimulation applications, and 30 % of rig time in normal perforation cementing applications, and at least 50 % in locating casing leaks, and cementing applications.

This paper will benefit practicing engineers, and entities in utilizing the proposed system which will provide them with rig time saving, which will result in significant money saving, especially in offshore applications.

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