The study area covers Temsah concession in the eastern sub-basin, offshore Nile Delta, Egypt.

Despite the Serravallian play within this area is proven, observations made on recently acquired seismic data suggest its potentiality might be significantly larger than initially evaluated.

Over 25 wells have been drilled within Temsah Development Lease since late 70's targeting turbiditic channelized flow deposits fitting a part of the four way dip closure Akhen-Temsah anticline.

The interval of study shows a general fining upwards GR log pattern with a sub-parallel thinning up-dip seismic reflectivity.

Amplitude map analysis through this interval shows southwest-northeast anomaly trends, shifting upwards to the southeast and becoming thinner and narrower.

New hydrocarbon potential arises under the assumption that reservoir rock distribution is restricted to the anomaly trends mapped on the over-laying levels, from those producing from the main field area, and located down-dip on the southeastern flank of the structure. The associated risk derives from the reservoir architecture and possible lateral up-dip communication to underlying beds through permeable beds.

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