Uncertainties that applicable to oil & gas sector are different in scale. Hazardous and commercially very important global parameters and the priority by individuals have changed due to enhanced communication, transport facility, social detachment due to human relationships. The patriotic definitions have changed with Joint Ventures (JVs). Last century the spiritual quotient was high, and the "z" axis growth was very high. The working spirit for the cause was very high. Recently the "x" axis (material) growth has changed the social texture, "Why not me" to "why me"?

The "y" axis growth with emotional quotient has played its role. High Emotional Quotient (EQ) people occupied higher positions. But to bind everybody and deliver requires High Spiritual Quotient (SQ). The uncertainties and social injustice can be superseded by evolving people.

Our oil industry developed more on "x" axis rather on "y" axis. This resulted in reduction on "z" axis growth. Some point's worth to be noted are 1.World Drama: All the employees have to play some defined roles and excel. 2. Same level working: The senior reporting to junior by age/date of joining/date of position holding has also has changed. The previous logics do not hold good. 3. Parts of same chain: All the workers are equal parts of the chain. One least important link can cause the disaster/ zero output. This needs to be addressed. 4. Z axis growth: This helps you to work for the organization even if you (apparently) feel the fruits are taken by somebody else. 5. Writing your own arc: work for your own satisfaction. 6. Part of family/staying together and 7.Counseling and gap addressing and will be discussed in the paper.

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