Morgan is the largest field in Gulf of Suez Egypt. It started production in April 1967. Morgan comprises two main reservoirs; Kareem and Belayim. Both reservoirs have weak aquifer support. Waterflooding was implemented in February 1974 to support the depleted reservoir energy and improve the sweep efficiency. Currently the field is mature and most of wells are producing with high water cut.

Kareem reservoir is heterogeneous and there is a high permeability variation between different layers and most of the injected water goes to high permeable layers.

BrightWater ™1 technology was developed to create baffles in the higher permeability layers to divert the injected water from previously swept layers to the un-swept zones which will improve the sweep efficiency.

North Morgan Kareem reservoir selected as a pilot for BrightWater deployment by treating five injectors which are impacting on ten producers. BrightWater uses a temperature activated cross-linked polymer carried with the injected water. Their distribution within the reservoir is proportion to the distribution of injected water. As the injected water moves away from the injection wells it is warmed by reservoir rocks. This rise in temperature causes the BrightWater chemical to activate and pop up to plug the higher permeability zones.

A complete evaluation for BrightWater is very important to define its value to be applied in other fields. Different surveillance tools were selected for Brightwater evaluation. These surveillance tools are summarized in: chemical Tracer detecting, well-testing, water cut measuring, pressure fall-off / step-rate testing, injectivity monitoring, and production / injection logging. All of these surveillance tools will be used in the three phases of BrightWater treatment; before popping, at popping, and after popping.

This paper will provide the BrigtWater technique principle for enhancing the sweep efficiency, the optimum surveillance tools to evaluate its impact and a real case history for North Morgan Kareem reservoir.

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