Field H has several wells producing commingled with different pressure regimes. PLT runs have been carried to assess the layer-wise pressure and fluid contribution. The results revealed the problem of cross-flow in shut-in condition between the two producing reservoirs in well A-06 among other wells. The PLT also confirmed there is no contribution from lower pressure zone alongside the high pressure zone even in the highest drawdown. In such case commingled production by single ESP will not be optimized and alternatively, one zone must be isolated and production from that layer is sacrificed. This situation mandates quest for a solution that offer total separation of production from each layer. In search for a solution to the problem the Dual ESP application was explored. Dual ESP technology can be used to separate production from two zones of the well where commingled production is not possible. Several Dual ESP configurations were explored and opt for the concentric configuration. Installation of Dual ESP in well A-06 provided solution to enhance oil production from multiple layers where commingled production is not possible. This paper discusses the application of Dual ESP in well A-06 as a case study and shows the valuable results achieved and the way forward.

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