Although heavy oil producers in Block 6, Sudan have been difficult to exploit with gas lift because crude oil has 19 °API, the reservoir pressure was low, and surface dead oil viscosity ranged from 30,000 to 40,000 cp. New advances have recently been made to increase oil production. These innovative practices include:

  • (1)

    Injected condensate gas into the reservoir prior to gas lift, and soaked for a time ( day) sufficient for condensate-gas to dilute the heavy oil's API gravity, reduce viscosity, and pressurized the zone near the wellbore.

  • (2)

    Large tubing string was extended to near the bottom of perforations, gas lift valves were not utilized to ensure that a continuous volume of high-pressure condensate gas was injected into the annulus, could blend with heavy oil at the bottom hole and avoided multi-point injection caused by possible sanding.

  • (3)

    Sand trap was installed to capture the produced sand.

  • (4)

    Injection pressure and injection gas rate were optimized to produce more condensate from the gas condensate reservoir for dilution of heavy oil at the wellbore.

Field data show that these new techniques have gained excellent results, with oil gain of 6-fold compared to average oil rate by PCP.

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