When well testing is conducted, the reservoir response during the initial surge to stable drawdown and pressure buildup will define productivity expectations for a new well. The quality of the reservoir fluid samples further defines the value of the reservoir assets.

To ensure that operations will be conducted safely, rig-time efficiency will be maximized, and the overall well test objectives will be met, several critical well testing decisions must be made.

This paper describes the value of real-time access to reservoir information and tools to control well testing operations. Also described is a system that has been used to provide immediate access to the reservoir through the use of wireless downhole telemetry, data acquisition and control, and instantaneous visibility of data from any location around the world. While the idea of providing access to some reservoir information in near real time is not a new concept, the system described is not dependent on formation geology and is the only one with the capability to provide access to all reservoir information in real time, perform analysis using this information, and control well testing operations remotely with the click of a mouse button. Case histories will be presented to demonstrate the capabilities of the system described.

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