A technological revolution is going on in almost every sphere of modern life which is being possible due to regular and systematic innovations. In spite of this fact, there are few areas where there is no innovation or improvement in the system. Multiple zone well completion technology is one of such area. Over 100 years back, professionals started to develop an effective and efficient multiple zone well completion technology. But the dream of producing multiple zones encountered in a well, simultaneously, without causing inter well cross flow, remained a distant reality. This has not only resulted in poor productivity per well but has also created a bottleneck in the application of advanced technologies for secondary and tertiary recovery methods. Author has developed a technology for the production of all oil and gas bearing zones encountered in a well through a single completion without allowing any inter layer cross flow. Author is extensively using TRIZ methodologies and highly benefitted with the application of TRIZ-a systematic approach for solving problems which was developed in Russia during 1946. In multiple tubing, simultaneous and segregated production is possible but the total system becomes complex. In commingle production, system is simple but interlayer cross flow is a problem. Moving from conventional to unconventional thinking, a hybrid completion system has been developed which retains the advantages of multiple tubing completions and commingle production and eliminating the disadvantages of both the systems. In this paper author has tried to explain how TRIZ methodologies have helped him to develop an effective multiple zone well completion technology which will help other petroleum engineers to develop different innovative oilfield technologies using advanced innovative inventive tool like TRIZ.

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