The majority of Western Desert wells (Agiba Petroleum Company) are completed with artificial lift systems and several kind of pump: ESP, Sucker Rod, PCP (about 40 ESP, 250 Sucker Rod and 10 PCP). A new technology - Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM) - has been developed for ESP motors as alternative to conventional asynchronous induction motor in the last years. PMM is synchronous motor in which the stator manufacturing technique is similar to that of conventional asynchronous motor, but rotor has permanent magnets (instead of copper winding). PMM has more benefit of conventional induction motor: high efficiency (90 94%) vs. induction motors up to 86%; smaller size and weight; wider ranges of rotation frequency regulation (100-1000, 1000-4200 and 3000-6000 r.p.m.); reduced energy consumption and rating of surface equipment (Power Saving); stable torque over wide operation range; Power factor is near to 1; lower specific heat release due to higher efficiency. Also indirect benefits are: a) low heat release (minimum cooling fluid velocity 0.05 ft/s); b) less size for cable and lower power rating for transformer and VSD; c) decreased reactive power; d) improved system Power factor. All Agiba ESP wells are equipped with conventional induction motor. In the middle of June of 2012 Agiba performed a trial installation of Novomet PMM replacing an ESP unit with induction motor on well North Nada 1 x (oil well - Qg =315 BFPD, Qn=173 BOPD) of North Nada field. The installation was successful achieving the expected results and benefits in term of low power consumption. Successful key point: keeping electrical system stability and minimize the number of shutdowns; minimum cost for power consumption and production.

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