This paper describes the use of Bright Water™1, a thermally activated particle (TAP), to enhance oil recovery from the giant Morgan field in the Gulf of Suez. The main reservoir of the Morgan field, the Kareem sandstone, has a high well density and has produced under water flood for over 35 years. Despite this, lower permeability zones remain poorly swept while average production water cut exceeds 85%. Deep conformance control is required to improve sweep efficiency.

The authors describe the area selection criteria, the treatment design method and deployment operations. Although Bright Water particles have been deployed in many fields globally, this treatment, completed in September 2012, is particularly noteworthy in that it is the first application of this chemical system via an onshore injection system to simultaneously treat multiple offshore wells. At the time of writing, this is also the largest treatment of its kind performed in a single operation.

This application sets a precedent for future treatments in terms of technique and scale. Treating multiple wells simultaneously from an onshore facility greatly reduced the cost of execution operations and minimised operational risk. The treatment's impact on production will be determined from a rigorous programme of well testing and wellhead sampling.

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