The pressure analysis in annulus to overcome well kick and the well control procedure execution are main concern, particularly when the top of influx reaches the casing shoe. Besides, time and gas volume determination when bubble of gas reaches the surface are importance in executing well control operation with conventional method. The data should be calculated and considered to determine the most appropriate killing well method.

Annulus pressure will increase continuously until eventually reach highest value and volume of pit gain and also reach the maximum at the time of influx reach the surface. Sometime, to circulate all of the influx, it is required sufficient time. Considering the worst circumstances, drilling crews should prepare their mental and the correct strategy to overcome it. There is a fatal risk when well control fails to do, not only loss of rig equipments, but also the life of drilling personel. Thus, the strategy must be done safely. The annulus pressure determination in this research uses the Moore equation. The result of the calculation will be compared to the result of the integrated numerical simulation. Driller Method and Wait & Weight Method will be applied in Moore equation and simulator. Based on comparison of the calculation result, the safer well control method can be chosen optimally.

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