The Multi-lateral Wells Technology applied in myriad applications worldwide and provides intelligent solutions of many challenges faces the industry, But it doesn't applied in Sudanese fields yet.

By study of Block 15 Sudanese offshore field conditions we can find that multi-lateral technology is useful technology which achieves many advantages by reduce the cost in both exploration and development stages of the field life.

In this paper the authors providing a proposed design of Multi-lateral Wells Technology application to re-enter Tokar-1 well which located in Red Sea offshore Sudan region in Block 15 authorization area of Red Sea Petroleum Operating Company (RSPOC).

The Design of Tokar-1 multi-lateral application made depends on several considerations about the targets of this application and the geological background of the area of study.

The Directional Wellpaths planning of this application planned using Landmark Compass® Software. And after completing the design of the application drilling and completion techniques manually the authors devised guidance software to help the multi-lateral designer to select his optimum option among multi-lateral wells drilling and completion techniques depend on his field conditions, and made analysis of the manual design of Tokar-1 Multi-lateral well using this software and made a comparison between the results.

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