Many sedimentary features of hydrocarbons at Western Desert are characterized as multilayered, deltaic, thinly and tight laminated sandstones consisting of sands with limited lateral and vertical extension. Relying only on conventional openhole log data and performing correlations among nearby wells proved to be inconclusive in identifying hydrocarbons reservoirs owing to their thin beds, high shale content, and variable formation water resistivity. Missing hydrocarbon-bearing formations translates into lost productivity, while perforating water zones can have detrimental effects on well performance.

Given these complexities, fluid identification and pressure measurements have a significant impact in resolving key uncertainties of such reservoirs. The main challenges faced during wireline formation testing in the reservoirs studied have been a) laminated, low mobility and thin formations with varying water salinity, b) no representative fluid samples due to deep mud filtrate invasion, c) eventual formation damage while drilling

The pretest/sampling efficiency with wireline formation testers and by using single probes has been traditionally very low in thinly laminated reservoirs because of the high possibility of dry or tight tests with long pressure stabilization time and not sampling or high contaminated samples. To displace invade fluids in low permeability formations can be challenging, usually requiring a high drawdown to pump the move filtrate from formation. To improve the job efficiency, High Performance packers and pumps are essentially in such environment that reduce significantly the differential pressure while pumping and increase the envelop to test zones beyond capabilities with the single probes. The Interval Pressure Transient Tests (IPTT) technique has been recently launched to increase the success ratio of wireline formation testers in getting reliable pressures and fluid analysis, including real-time monitoring of each survey by reservoir engineers.

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