With continuous instability of oil prices it became necessary to reduce the cost of lifting the crude oil from the wells. This cost reduction is not feasible for each stage of the total oil production system; therefore the optimization of each component in the production system is a must.

Production optimization meant to apply an optimum analysis and comprehensive investigation of well production system; including the artificial lift system that expected to increase the oil production and reduce the operating costs.

The artificial lift systems are essentially in all Qarun Petroleum Company (QPC) fileds to transports reservoir fluid to the surface. Production optimization found to be an essential for the life cycle of each system in order to extend run life, decrease cost and increase the cumulative production per well. The applied artificial lift systems in QPC fields include Sucker Rod Pumps (SRP) and Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP). The failures and problems related to ESP and the success resulted from the applications of the system optimization is encouraged us to be selected to be the subject of this paper.

This paper will discuss in full details the successes results of using the Variable Speed Drive (VSD) with ESP. Statistical failure analysis has been conducted for the applications of ESP wells with and without VSD to evaluate their performance in order to optimize the applications.

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