Developments in extended reach drilling and completion technologies allow to economically access a number of scattered small hydrocarbon pockets and will open up further opportunities for maximizing recovery from these fields. Effective use of these developments requires us to better understand the transient multiphase flow behaviour.

Undulation is associated to horizontal wells with some degrees of deviation from the horizontal. The inclination angle could be a result of a lack of sufficient drilling control or could be designed on purpose, for instance, fish-hook wells, snake wells and undulating wells. A complicated and undulating trajectory may initiate severe slugging at the bottom of a wellbore. In this paper, OLGA, a commercial transient two-fluid multiphase flow simulator, and Cheng's inflow performance relationship were coupled together to characterize severe slugging. Simulation shows that severe slugging is formed at the bottom of the wellbore and moved up to the surface. Furthermore, it creates pressure pulsation at the bottom of the wellbore that can influence the reservoir performance.

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