Well intervention techniques and several IOR and EOR methods are sometimes entailing injection of emulsion of water based chemicals and oil into hydrocarbon reservoir layers. The injection depth into each layer usually depends on a lot of different factors that related to reservoir rock and fluid properties as well as the difference between injected fluid's pressure and formation fluid's pressure. For a well completed in multi zones and each zone has its own permeability, porosity, fluid saturation and pore pressure; it is difficult to predict how and up to what end the injection fluid will invade each zone.

A computation model, based on analytical equations of flow in porous media, is developed to simulate bullhead injection of water based chemical solutions into well with multi opened zones. Analytical equations are developed to model fluid penetration radius, injected volume and injection rate for every opened zone during the injection process. Equations describe cooling effect of the injected fluid into hot formation is arranged and simulated to illustrate radial and vertical cooled area during the injection process. An equation is developed to simulate dilution process of chemical concentrated solution during its injection into reservoir layer

This model is very useful when it comes to plan and to design chemical water shut off, sand consolidation, microbial fluid placement, injection of mobility control fluids or any treatment involves of bullheading of chemical concentrated solutions into multi layered reservoir. It can be also used to design many workover applications especially for comminglely completed wells.

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