In the middle of high demand of oil production, Pertamina EP faces the fact that most of the fields are mature fields that sharp declining production rate is inevitable. This condition should be followed by other production method alternative because primary recovery is no longer be solution to increase production or restrain production decline. The option to this condition is moving to secondary phase: Waterflood.

EOR Department (team) performed screening analysis to find suitable candidates for the waterflood. Tapian Timur Field was one of the candidates. This field has a good potential to waterflood development but also has a huge constraint to be faced. Some constraints were the lack of GGRP Data, no existing water source, limited facilities and foremost was limited development costs. The challenge to develop waterflood project in this field is how to conduct project that meets engineering and economic aspect.

Tapian Timur Field's Study and Evaluation was carried out to evaluate Geology, Reservoir and Production in integrated way to determine: layers to be injected, injection patterns, sources of injection water, etc. The team also conduct comprehensive studies of production facilities. Due to budgeting issue, this project design emphasizes to maximally use existing wells and facilities. This could reduce costs significantly.

Waterflood was successfully conducted in layer C in May 2010 that preceeded with pilot waterflood. Pilot waterflood showed a good response indication. Currently the team is preparing POD (Plan Of Development) regarding to Tapian Timur Full Scale Waterflood Project.

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