Maximizing the recoverable hydrocarbon reserve and reducing both the capital & operating cost are always challenges. One of the tools to achieve the above targets is to apply the smart completion technology. Application of a SMART™ completion represents a significant challenge, especially if it is combined with gravel packing in high rate producing wells. The equivalent production area between the SMART™ well completion component and the inner diameter of the screens represent a challenge to ensure that contributions from all the zones are possible without scarifying production. In addition, the affect of possible sand production and the affect on the overall system needed to be addressed.

Rashpetco have decided to apply this SMART™ technology as base case for the development of two offshore fields in the Mediterranean. One of the developments is from a remotely operated platform and the other is from a subsea field. Both of the developments will produce from two different horizons. The development selection was based on a comparison with other completion alternatives, the evaluation of the risk associated with using this relative new technology and the cost impact versus change in ultimate recovery.

Using SMART™ completion will minimize the number of wells to be drilled to obtain the same recovery factor and will minimize any intervention to open the conventional sliding sleeve. It will also help minimize water production at sand face, which will reduce the cost of expanding water separation facilities and will have a positive impact on the vertical flow performance. It should be noted that the SMART™ completion could be either on/off or chocking type. The selection will be based on the driving mechanism and the reservoir performance

This paper describes the process of preparation and implement of the SMART™ system for both platform and subsea developments. It will also show the results and benefits

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