In 2008 &2009, Dana Gas continued on their deep Gas development program in the Nile Delta region of Egypt. These wells in the past had proven problematic in drilling because of high formation pressures and compacted shale in some intervals & almost the aligned curves (very narrow window) between the pore pressure & fracture gradient in other intervals.

Similar wells drilled in the past required both roller cone and PDC bits to complete the various sections. Because roller cone had unacceptably low ROP, Dana Gas determined PDC would offer the best option to efficiently drill these sections, therefore offering the best chance for success. Contingencies were considered for fallback to roller cone if necessary. Also in the contingency was the use of eccentric Ream While Drilling tool to enlarge the hole across a high pressure zone which would enable us to set an expandable liner and continue drilling to TD with a larger hole and avoid potential problems associated with slim hole drilling.

In the preplanning stage, Dana Gas drilling team closely examined new technologies which would allow us to achieve our goals, especially drilling the demanding deep highly pressured zones. The entire BHA was engineered to ensure the ROP and directional requirements would be met. A team was organized to aggressively seek technology/best practices that would efficiently deliver well objectives. The team identified the poor ROP in the compacted shale sections to be a primary obstacle as well as dealing with the potential zone with high pore pressure. BHA and PDC bit technology was a key focuses in optimizing the 12 ¼″ and 8 ½″ sections. Due to this careful planning and collaboration between Dana Gas and service providers, objective in the 12 ¼″ section on SHARABAS-1 and 8 ½″ section on EL BASANT-3 wells drilling with new designed PDC was achieved by increasing ROP and realizing significant savings. By applying new technology the 12 ¼″ section on SHARABAS-1 was drilled 328% faster with a savings of US$ 122,445.00 and the 8 ½″ section on EL BASANT-3 was drilled with a 37% higher ROP with a savings of US$ 34,517.00 than the direct offsets.

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